What is Lint? 

1. Just for reading.

Lint is just for reading.

Lint is not for talking about what you didn't read, creating lists of what you wish you could read, hacking your memory, or filling up boxes with notecards.

2. What is reading?

Reading is fun, interesting, enriching, enlightening, astonishing, awesome... and weird!

Reading is not a slog, a to do list, a requirement, or a chore.

3. 2 Top Secret Tips To Remember What You Read

1. Enjoy what you're reading.

2. Stop reading when you stop enjoying.

3. Read something else.

It's okay to skip that chapter, or put the book down. You can always read it later. Life isn't a classroom.  

4. Life isn't a classroom

Read what you want! Don't let anybody make you feel ashamed for what you read or tell you what you should be reading.

We are trained as children to read what's required for class. As adults we look to book reviewers or prominent people for recommendations.

Because we have so little experience choosing for ourselves, it feels uncomfortable.

I built Lint to make it easy to explore your interests, learn to read what you like, and make it easy to find books you enjoy! 

5. Remember by connecting what you read to your life

Memory grows from your brain making connections.

Remember what you read by reading about a place you've been, a person you've met, music you've heard, a painting you've seen, or a situation you've experienced.

It's not a hack.

Lint is the best tool to grow your literary intelligence.

Ready to enjoy reading? 

Ready to read more and get smarter? 

Ready to remember what you read? 
Start Reading!