The Dance (By An Antiquary)
By Anonymous

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PREFACE CHAPTER I Egyptian, Assyrian, Hebrew and Phoenician Dancing. CHAPTER II Dancing with the Greeks. CHAPTER III Etruscan-South Italian, Roman Dancing, etc. CHAPTER IV The "Early English" and "Mediaeval" dance to the fourteenth century. CHAPTER V Society dancing from the fifteenth century. CHAPTER VI The Modern Theatre Dance. BIBLIOGRAPHY LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS This sketch of the iconography of the dance does not pretend to be a history of the subject, except in the most elementary way. It may be taken as a summary of the history of posture; a complete dance cannot be easily rendered in illustration. The text is of the most elementary description; to go into the subject thoroughly would involve years and volumes. The descriptions of the various historic dances or music are enormous subjects; two authors alone have given 800 dances in four volumes.[ 1 ] It would have been interesting if some idea of the...