One Thousand Secrets Of Wise And Rich Men Revealed
By C. A. Bogardus

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CONTENTS. ANNOUNCEMENT. Springfield, Mo., August 28th, 1907. To the Public : In as much as the former editions of this book have been so well liked, excepting the type being so small, it has been mentioned by many that a correction in that particular would be well. I have revised and enlarged the book and it now appears from larger type. C. A. B. PREFACE. Agesilaus, king of Sparta, being asked what things he thought most proper for boys to learn , replied: "Those things which they should practice when they become men ." His reply was in perfect harmony with the good judgment of mankind, and cannot fail to be appreciated by all who have good common sense. If Agesilaus lived at the present time, the question would most probably have included both boys and girls, and undoubtedly his reply would be so worded as to apply to men...