Yesterday's Doors
By Arthur J. Burks

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1 chapter

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a novelet by ARTHUR J. BURKS

42 minute read

CHAPTER I Lost Memory It started off like an old story. It happens every day or so in New York City. A man or woman, tired of living, becomes an amnesia victim and loses himself or herself in the crowd. A few stay lost. A few persist in not remembering as long as they can. Many are really amnesiacs. I didn't know my name, or whether I had one. I didn't know how old I was, though I guessed about forty. I didn't remember the clothes I wore, or my face in the mirror. I had no memory of yesterday or any day, and even the events of just an hour ago slipped away from me. I knew that something was radically wrong. How wrong it was and how long the condition had lasted I had no way of surmising. I just know I found myself in a dark room,...