Gardening For The Million
By Alfred Pink

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55 minute read

PREFACE. It is with the object of stimulating the cultivation of gardens still more beautiful than those generally to be met with that the present volume has been written. It has not been thought necessary to repeat in each case the times when the seeds of the various flowers and plants are to be sown. A careful attention to the remarks made under the headings of "Annuals," "Biennials," "Perennials," and "Seed-Sowing" will supply all the information needed. That the work may prove useful to those at least who supervise their own gardens is the sincere wish of the author. DULWICH. GARDENING FOR THE MILLION A Aaron's Rod. — See "Solidago." Abelia. —Very ornamental evergreen shrubs, bearing tubular, funnel-shaped flowers. They succeed in any ordinary soil if the situation is warm and sheltered, and are readily raised by cuttings. Height, 3 ft. to 4 ft. Abies (Spruce Firs) .—Among these ornamental...